WEST DALLAS: Urban Structure and Guidelines

The Urban Structure and Guidelines have seven fundamental objectives:

  1. Preserve, enhance, conserve the La Bajada community in its entirety;
  2. Allow for incremental rehabilitation and infill redevelopment of properties east, west, and south of new neighborhood spine as demand emerges;
  3. Create a new neighborhood spine street south of Singleton on Herbert Street with high-density mixed-use clustered along it
  4. Re-create Singleton Boulevard and Commerce Street as handsome “parkway” streets entering the inner city;
  5. Step-down in density from the new neighborhood spine east, west and toward La Bajada;
  6. Development of three to four (3-4) active mixed-use nodes at major intersections and;
  7. Create a high-density, residentially focused neighborhood along the levee with connections into the Trinity Park.

The Urban Structure and Guidelines is an alternative to traditional local planning tools. It advances the goals of the city’s comprehensive plan, forwardDallas!, and lays out a path for the flexible and dynamic evolution of this part of the city over time. The Structure represents a shifting perspective, not only in the process of the planning efforts, but also in the type of development envisioned. Design plays a critical role in developing the fundamental objectives of the Structure.

The Structure does not change any zoning. It provides a conceptual rendering of future development and indicates phasing of growth. As potential projects come forward, the City of Dallas will use this Structure to determine the project’s support for the area’s long-term vision. At that time, zoning changes can occur and specific development needs discussed in order to produce the most appropriate business solution and benefit for the area. Proposals consistent with this Structure will be expedited. Inconsistent development proposals will be reviewed further to determine their contribution toward achieving the vision. This approach strives to strike a balance between the flexibility needed to adapt to market conditions as they unfold and the predictability necessary to create stability in the marketplace. Balancing the interests of current and future stakeholders, while maintaining dedication to the vision, is essential to maintain the necessary flexibility to keep the Structure relevant overtime. The processes and guidelines bind these opportunities together offering a unique way for achieving the spirit of the vision for this area while allowing consideration of many variations.